Ayurvedic Dieticians in Chandigarh

Guru Manish Ji
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Are You Finding Ayurvedic dieticians in Chandigarh? Everyone’s biggest concern is on how to maintain the health of your skin. Also, the bitter truth is that aging affects the health of our skin. Your diet plays a major role in preventing the effects of aging on the skin.

Ayurvedic Dieticians in Chandigarh

How a Nutritious Diet can Help Skin Rejuvenation

So if you are looking for a skin aging solution then you must contact the best Ayurvedic dieticians in Chandigarh. It may sound surprising but it is true, Ayurveda believes that a nutritious diet supports both your health and beauty.

Chemical-based cosmetic items and beauty enhancers leave horrible results later. But Ayurveda has the power of skin rejuvenation. Not just skin, ayurvedic dietitians suggest a healthy diet to improve the quality of hair. Let us see what affects the skin and what supports its health.

What is Skin

Skin is the outer layer that covers, protects, and beautifies our bodies. Only skin is the part that often stays with direct environmental contact. Heat, pollution, moisture, and more are enough to spoil its quality.

Dirt particles, pollution, and moisture get absorbed by our skin pores. Skin starts facing difficulties in breathing properly due to the blockages on skin pores. The reasons for losing the health of your skin at the early stages are many. Let us get familiar with some causes that affect our protective shield (skin).

Causes That Affect Skin Quality:

  1. Pollution
  2. Chemical cosmetics
  3. Sun exposure
  4. Poor nutrition
  5. Unhealthy habits
  6. Long-term medications
  7. Stress
  8. Bad hygiene

Which Type of Diet Affects Skin Quality

If you eat too oily spicy and junk diet in a routine, you may lose the quality of your skin. Our liver controls various body functions. Poor digestion is always visible on our skin. Pimples, dullness, skin darkening, wrinkles, and more appear to indicate poor digestion. The most favorite food in today’s style is the leading cause of these skin problems. Have a look at the below-mentioned foods that harm your skin health:

  1. Over spicy and oily food
  2. Beverages
  3. Hard to digest (heavy) food preferences
  4. Low hydration
  5. Improperly cooked food
  6. Flavored juices
  7. Caffeinated drinks
  8. Alcohol

Ayurvedic dietitians suggest we stay away from the above-mentioned diet schedule. Many of us face difficulty in maintaining a diet chart for sufficient skin nutrition. If you are also facing the same trouble, then relax. Here is a solution for you. You may check out the ayurvedic clinics by Acharya Manish in your location. Natural skin treatment and consultation of the skin by the best dietitian is available at these clinics.

Those who believe in healthy diet treatment for skin may try out the below-mentioned dieting tips.

A Diet That Supports Your Skin in Many Ways as Per Dietitians:

We are so lucky that we are living in a country where we get fresh vegetables and fruits. There are several countries where people depend on preserved or processed food to survive. So use this opportunity and enjoy the healthily glowing skin by adding the following to your diet.

Vegetables: In place of applying a chemical-based face mask, eat fresh vegetables regularly. This addition will treat your skin problems and will also give it the strength to fight against infections.

Eating vegetables like broccoli, spinach, tomato, carrot, radish, and more is also good for liver health. The dietitians at the Ayurvedic clinics of Acharya Manish Ji also advise adding these vegetables into a routine.

Seasonal fruits: Different seasons bring different effects on the skin. To protect your skin from those effects you must eat seasonal fruits. These fruits will nourish your skin. Also, they will generate a protective shield on your skin.

Yogurt: Yogurt is proven for rectifying metabolism error. It is also good for balancing liver health. Good bacteria of yogurt fight against the bad bacteria. Also, it sets our skin free from fungal and bacterial infections.

Salad: Salad completes our meal. People who regularly eat a salad with their meal carry glowing and healthy skin. So add one plate of salad that must include beetroot, tomato, carrot, cucumber, and other options. By trying this option, you will get improved blood circulation which is good for the entire body.

Protein diet: The use of pulses, grains, and paneer is important, according to Ayurveda dietitians, Try to avoid polished grains and pulses. If you are not sure about the polishing, then wash them properly before you cook.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a proven remedy for the skin. Apart from eating other sources of Vitamin C, natural ingredients work better. For instant but lasting results on the skin, eat lemon, oranges, and other sources of vitamin C.

Fluids: The human body is made up of water. If you want your skin to look flawless, then drinking water can help a lot. Water intake removes impurities and makes your skin clean, clear, and disease-free.

Aloe Vera juice: You can consume Aloe Vera juice to give extra refreshment and nourishment to your skin. Fresh Aloe Vera pulp can also be taken in the absence of Aloe Vera juice and strongly believe in the skin benefits of Aloe Vera.

We have many ways that give us a healthy life, along with younger-looking skin. Only natural sources of nutrition can resolve all our issues related to skin. If you still feel the requirement to meet a dietitian or skin specialist, then visit shuddhi. This website contains various skin and health-related remedies. All the remedies are based on Ayurveda. So let Manish Acharya Ji and Ayurveda together bless your skin with purity.



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