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Guru Manish Ji, Ignoring a healthy diet can lead to big health risks in your life. So be careful while choosing your plate. If you can not manage on your own, then contact the best ayurvedic dietician in your area.

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Dietitian will suggest a healthy diet schedule according to your health conditions. Along with a good diet, the schedule follows some health instructions to achieve fast results.

Many of us face trouble due to improper nutrition. Only a nutritious diet can support healthy bones, muscles, and organs. Also, for mental activity, we need energy from our food. These days the quality of food that we take is so poor.

Fast food and preserved food have become an essential part of our modern lifestyle. Street food corners are full of customers. People are even not following the covid-19 guidelines. Low-quality food items, flavors, colors, chemicals, and taste enhancers are being used at these food corners.

It would be perfectly right if I say that we are silently taking poison behind tasty recipes. If we go with the guidelines of the Ayurvedic dieticians, we can stay out of the poisonous toxin intake. It is also not too late to start a healthy diet plan today. Below are four very important diet tips that will improve your overall health magically.

  1. Use a pressure cooker: Our vegetables and pulses contain rich vitamins and nutrients. These are important for our fitness. But during cooking, a big portion of their vitamins get lost due to heat. Also, when we cook food with open utensils, we lose almost all of our food. So always cook your food at medium flame. The next cooking tip is to use a pressure cooker to preserve your food from loss.
  2. Taste enhancers: The Ayurvedic dietician's advice to strictly avoid artificial taste enhancers. These enhancers contain chemicals that cause serious organ failure and other risks. We have natural spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, black pepper, cumin seeds, and more. The effects of these spices are positive on our health. These are proven for immunity-boosting results. So replace your artificial taste enhancer with these natural herbs and spices.
  3. Refrigeration: According to a study, a large portion of our population use refrigerators. The dependency on electronic gadgets is increasing so rapidly. To save time, we do advanced cooking and preserve it in the fridge. After many hours we take the same food by heating it again. The food loses its original taste, smell, and quality after refrigeration. Moreover, when we directly heat the refrigerated food, the temperature change causes big harm to health.
  4. Balancing nutrients: A lack of knowledge can create trouble in selecting a nutritious plate for you. Some of us start eating some selected food items in our routine. It may cause an excess of a few nutrients but a lack of other nutrients. For proper health support, you must maintain the balance.
  5. Ayurvedic dieticians can suggest well how you can create a perfect balance among the diet plan. They will tell you that all pulses, grains, salad items, fruits, milk, curd, and more are required to keep you fit. Your physical mechanism can not perform properly in the absence of a balanced diet. Also, to regulate your metabolism and hormones the right selection of diet matters a lot.

The above-mentioned four magical diet tips will surely help you to achieve the desired health results. If you are also eating under the guidance of an ayurvedic dietician, then you must feel the difference. Food that we take works as fuel in our bodies. But, when we start filling low-quality fuel, then our body starts reacting. Poor digestion, acidity, constipation, stomach pain, infections, and more are indications of wrong fuel intake. So if you are also facing such types of health issues, then be alert and change your eating habits.

  • Few more Tips to Support Your Health:

We can blame the schedule for the physical loss because it is easy to do. But mind one thing that blaming will not return to your health. So be cautious and start working on your errors. Below are some tips to guide you on some common mistakes that may spoil your workout and diet plan results.

  1. Don’t miss your meal and stop overeating.
  2. Use stairs apart from lifts.
  3. Sleep for at least 8 hours
  4. Stop eating outside
  5. Quit alcohol and beverages intake
  6. Practice some exercises regularly.
  7. Also, practice some stress-relieving exercises to stay mentally fit.

These tips will work very well along with the diet plan. The health Guru Manish also says that these tips can lead to wonderful health results. Also, the diet tips will rectify all your physical errors. You will achieve better liver functioning. The liver independently handles 70% of the tasks in our body. Also, these tips will improve your mental balance and utilization of the generated energy inside your body.

Start living a healthy life by filling the top quality and natural fuel in your body. Adopt healthy eating habits that will make your life full of happiness.



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