Shuddhi Package for Diabetes

Guru Manish Ji
4 min readJul 29, 2021

Dr Shuddhi Package for diabetes is said to be prepared out of selective herbal extracts that help control the rising sugar levels in the blood. The sugar in our blood is utilized for energy production and metabolic functioning. But what happens if the glucose levels spiral out of control? Read on for more!

Shuddhi Package for Diabetes

The Function of the Pancreas in Sugar Control

The pancreas produces insulin and this regulates blood sugar by keeping its levels down. Sugar is utilized for energy production in cells but the body can be in deep trouble if the amount of glucose is not balanced by insulin. What happens if the glucose levels keep rising and are not used for energy? This leads to a condition called diabetes.

Types of Diabetes:

Normally the body produces a sufficient amount of insulin to balance the sugar and utilize it for cellular activities. There are two types of diabetes that we commonly face:

Type 1 Diabetes: This usually affects small children and people below 30 years of age. You may be astonished at how quickly the symptoms show up. In this case, the immune system becomes erratic and destroys the “insulin producing” beta cells in the pancreas. The pancreas cannot produce insulin and the body needs artificial insulin supplementation.

Type 2 Diabetes: This is a lifestyle disorder and normally is found in the elderly. For years a person can stay in the pre-diabetic stage. You may have heard of the term “borderline diabetes” which indicates that a little insulin is produced by the pancreas. Insulin is still insufficient and does not work as well as it should. This is the reason for high glucose levels. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled to a great extent by altering the diet and taking Divya Kit for diabetes.

Herbal Extracts and High Sugar Content

The body needs to be able to digest the sugar present in the blood. Normally glucose is taken to the different organs for energy needed for metabolic functioning. But when the sugar lies wasted in the blood it starts to damage the organs. Take the assistance of herbal extracts to detox the body and keep the rising sugar levels under control. The Ayurveda inspired shuddhi for diabetes contains herbs with sugar controlling properties. Besides this, these herbs are also effective in other diseases and detoxification of the body.

Different Herbal Remedies That Help in Diabetes

Sometimes glucose in the food is not digested and it stays in the blood. Herbal remedies such as Divya Kit for diabetes contain:

1) Neem, Jamun, karela, which help keep the high glucose levels down. Diabetes often causes weakness in the body and, these natural plant extracts help combat fatigue and weakness.

2) Hormonal issues can lead to erratic glucose levels and for this Kounch, Dalchini and Shatavari are very helpful. Sugar levels and toxins can play havoc on the body.

3) A few herbal remedies for detoxing the body are sanjeevani ark, Bahera, Badi elaichi, and anardana. These herbal remedies also increase the immunity of the body.

Why Should we Choose Ayurveda or the Diabetes Package?

The shuddhi for diabetes helps the body by :

1) Keeping the rising blood sugar levels under control

2) It has anti-diuretic properties

3) It keeps blood pressure lowered

4) The craving for eating sugary products decreases

5) Acidity, burning sensation of eyes, constipation, headache improve with the herbal remedies in this product

6) The kit is antioxidant rich and contains essential minerals and vitamins

Symptoms of diabetes

Many times diabetes does take a person by surprise because there are no symptoms. But the most common change that we feel in the body is acute thirst and hunger pangs. Urination becomes frequent and there is evident weight loss. The food consumption increases but the weight falls. Urine analysis shows the presence of ketones and the patient often complains of blurred vision and irritability of moods. High sugar levels need to be treated or they can leave the heart, kidneys, and eyes permanently damaged. Try out the Divya Kit for diabetes and natural therapies to reduce glucose levels naturally.

What are the different ways we can control blood sugar levels?

We have already seen the detrimental effects of high blood sugar levels. The fact is that you need to keep the sugar levels controlled and for this, you need to:

1) Exercise well so that the insulin sensitivity is increased and the weight is controlled.

2) Control the carbohydrate intake it adds to the glucose present in the body. The extra carbs and fats need to be burnt with regular exercise

3) Stay hydrated and increase the fibre intake of the body

4) You can also control your food portion intake. This will ensure that the carbs consumed are lesser than normal.

5) Stress is bad news for diabetics so control your turbulent emotions with meditation and yoga.

6) Diet and exercise can help manage insulin

7) Monitor the glucose levels in the blood

8) Add foods that have a low glycemic index to your diet

The nerves, blood vessels, brain, and different organs can get seriously damaged with high glucose. Many people suffer from diabetic retinopathy because of this. Do not waste any more time and include Ayurvedic remedies and Shuddhi for diabetes in your daily life.



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